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Recent Albums

Immigration and the Law: Myths vs. Reality, attorney Javad M. Khazaeli

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  • The administration’s “zero tolerance” policy, which has led to the separation of over 3,000 children from their families, has brought up a number of questions regarding our immigration law system. What is fact and what is fiction? Join attorney Javad M. Khazaeli for a discussion on the realities of our immigration system and how current events relate to the law. Mr. Khazaeli was a prosecutor for ICE's National Security Law Division for years, and is the only private bar attorney in America that has served in senior immigration positions in both the Department of Homeland Security and the Department of Labor. His current legal practice focuses on litigation, immigration and business advice for small to medium sized businesses. He also serves as a Project Advisor for Migrant and Immigrant Community Action (MICA) and on the Community Development Board of the International Institute. This program, hosted by the JCRC St. Louis, was held on July 10th at 6 pm, in the auditorium of the Holocaust Museum and Learning Center, 12 Millstone Campus Dr, St. Louis, MO 63146. Please contact Gavriela Geller,, with any questions.
  • 7/10/2018
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STL response to Supreme Court Decision

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  • NCJW organized a press conference responding to the President's Supreme Court nomination
  • 7/10/2018
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Keep Families Together rally Kiener Plaza

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  • photos are of some of the Jewish community who were in attendance
  • 6/30/2018
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2018 PRIDE Jewish participation

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  • 6/25/2018
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  • 6/8/2018
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  • Photos by Kristi Foster